Infrastructure Project in Kuwait

Infrastructural projects in Kuwait are still in the focus of local governmental-backed investments. In order to improve connectivity regionally and globally projects in this sector are viewed as a state priority. A huge number of major infrastructural and transportation projects are connected to the Kuwait Development Plan 2015-2020. As a part of this plan, a refurbishment of the Nawaseeb Road is ongoing with reconstruction of 45 km of the six-lane dual carriageway with a provision of the space for future upgrade with addition of one lane in each direction.

Eight bridges out of nine are designed using precast concrete T-beams, which are manufactured at a special production site beside the road and not far from the respective construction sites. The ninth bridge is a combination between precast concrete T-beams and cast in-situ box girders.

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The cooperation with Tecnocom worked very well. With them we had great partner in this project, who supported us with their knowledge in building moulds for high efficiency production.

El-Moataz Bellah, Project Engineer at The Arab Contractors