Moulds for bridge girders

Thanks to our longstanding experience in implementing infrastructure projects all over the world we design and construct moulds for the production of concrete girders for bridges, viaducts and high-speed railway lines, as well as curved precast concrete elements for tunnels. Modular construction methods and customer-specific engineering allow us to adapt our services completely to our customers and their projects.  The scope of delivery can be completed by vibration and heating systems in order to achieve an optimal quality of the precast concrete elements. Through constant innovation our designs encompass the production of moulds for pre-stressed concrete girders with a preloaded stress of up to 25,000 kN, both as a self-stressing design and with external abutments. Both solutions are supplied with de-tensioning cylinders.

The freshly poured concrete can be compacted by high-frequency or pneumatic vibrators. The mould can be equipped with various heating systems to speed up the curing process.

Our moulds are adjustable in height, width and length .

Our bridge girder moulds meet the requirements of modern precast concrete elements and is constructed and implemented to specific customer needs.

Self-supporting solutions make it possible to alter the length of the mould and can be easily installed in new production sites. The possibility of using the mould for a variety of projects optimises investment costs.

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