Stationary tables

Stationary tables are used for the production of flat, reinforced or prestressed concrete elements such as panels, ceilings or massive and sandwich walls with several layers. The casting surface is grindend in order to produce finished elements with a high quality surface. Lateral shutters are used to produce elements in a variety of sizes and thicknesses. The height of the lateral shutters can be adjusted hydraulically, electrically or mechanically. Additional shutters with internal magnets are also available; these can be used on the tables to create window and door apertures.

The freshly poured concrete can be compacted by high-frequency or pneumatic vibrators. The mould can be equipped with various heating systems, to speed up the curing process. Our tables are ideal for mobile production and ease to transport from construction site to construction site. They are designed for fast, simple production of precast concrete elements and can also be fitted with concrete spreaders, smoothing equipment for processing the surface, plotters or other auxiliary machines.

Pre-stressed concrete products

For the manufacture of pre-stressed concrete elements as well as the traditional moulds with foundation anchorage we also produce shuttering moulds with a system for taking up the preloaded stresses.

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Solid slab wall

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