Moulds for beams

We design and produce moulds for the manufacture of reinforced concrete or pre-stressed concrete girders and beams for small, medium and large industrial, civil and infrastructure buildings. A variety of degrees of automation for opening the lateral shutters guarantee that all the customer's requirements are satisfied. Manual, hydraulic and electrically-driven systems are available to meet your needs. The geometry of the lateral shutters with the possibility of hydraulic control can be easily modified, additional elements in various shapes and sizes can be added to allow the production of very individual configurations offering a high degree of flexibility and a considerable reduction in costs.
Our moulds are able to satisfy all requirements concerning pre-stressed concrete girders. We supply moulds with self-stressing systems or alternatively with external foundation abutments. Both solutions are fitted with detensioning cylinders, hydraulic unit and single stressing device.
Electric high-frequency vibrators compact the freshly-extruded concrete. The moulds can be equipped with heating systems to speed up the curing process.

Fully adjustable
Our technical solutions are perfect for an optimal use of the moulds.

Availability of wide range of cross-sections
Suitable for any construction project requirement.

Self-stressing solutions
Optimisation of investment costs with the possibility of customizing the dimensions of the moulds.

Automation & innovation
Alignment of the degree of automation with the different production processes.

Versatile, designed to customer requirements
Specific solutions for every construction project requirement

Ideal for mobile operation
Self-stressing solutions guarantee the possibility of fast transport of the moulds from one construction site to another.