A leading company in the manufacture of transformer stations

The ELEKTRO-HARAMIA s.r.o. company with its headquarters in Záhorie in Slovakia, some 20 km north-west of Bratislava, decided on Tecnocom technology and invested in a mould for the manufacture of substructures for transformer stations. For more than 30 years the company has been a market leader in Slovakia in the manufacture, construction and sale of reinforced concrete transformer stations for Slovakian energy companies, as well as for private customers not only in Slovakia, but also in the Czech Republic. 
The mould facilitates the manufacture of different versions of the lower section of the transformer stations with mechanical manual movement for the opening of the walls and hydraulic actuation of the base, in order to allow smooth moulding of the finished product. The finished product is used principally for the manufacture of transformer stations with internal control systems. This is one of the Slovakian company‘s major products. 


The crucial reason for the decision to turn to Tecnocom was the system’s particular flexibility in use and the extremely short delivery times, which have satisfied customers’ production requirements to the fullest extent. Elektro-Haramia has major partners, which demand a high level of quality, while also requiring that delivery deadlines are met and series production is efficient. Ján Harmia and Ing. Martin Slezák, the proprietors of the company, have expressed their satisfaction with the successful cooperation between the two companies.