A new plant for the production of industrial panels

Trom Tavor with headquarters in Afula is a successful start-up company, which has been working since 2004 in the internal Israeli market in the manufacture of precast concrete elements and which concentrates principally on the production of precast elements for commerce and industry, as well as on the public and private residential construction sector. 
The company‘s premium products are vision panels clad in stone or marble, columns and girders with non-pre-stressed and pre-stressed reinforcement. The company makes its mark in the industrial panorama of the sector, because it is the only firm manufacturing prefabricated elements in a completely roofed works, which optimises production. 
With the objective of promoting its growth in the market, the Israeli company‘s business projects include the activation of a new production plant. For this purpose the second hall has been expanded, with investment in vertical battery technology from Tecnocom, a company with tried and tested experience in the manufacture of precast elements for industry, commerce, residential construction and infrastructures. 


Consequently, the new investments include the completion of the production site in Afula, which has already been commissioned and which also houses the administrative and sales offices of Trom Tavor Israel. The investment specifically concerned a 8 x 3 m vertical battery with a single packet and 8 cells, one of Tecnocom‘s premium products. The series production offered by this enables Trom Tavor to respond to high standards with respect to delivery times and productivity, while delivering excellent surface processing of the final product on both outdoor surfaces. 
A successful cooperation and for Tecnocom, after an initial project several years ago, the second positive experience in a market, which, while it is not particularly large, is however extremely active and marked by strong competition.