Spanish firm puts its trust in girder moulds

For more than forty years Hormipresa has worked in the prefabricated building component sector, specialising in particular in manufacturing girders, columns and walls. With more than 150 employees and branches in various regions of Spain, the company has a technical team, who specialise in construction. For the recent expansion of its Tarragona site the company decided once again to enlist the aid of Tecnocom. The works in Catalonia concentrates mainly on the production of elements for large prefabricated industrial buildings. Hormipresa‘s aim was to optimise investment; therefore the company decided on a highly flexible plant capable of manufacturing girders of various dimensions.

he project specifically concerned an impressive mould for the manufacture of girders with individually customisable sections along a total length of 63 m. „Much of the plant, which works smoothly in our works, comes from Tecnocom,“ affirms Ramon Mullerat, Hormipresa‘s Procurement Officer. „With its experience and know-how Tecnocom is the consummate embodiment of our vision of an industrial company. Our production space is limited, but nonetheless we have to manufacture large volumes of products of various sizes, in order to keep up with the competition,“ points out Mullerat. „Tecnocom technology offers us the right solution: an mould, capable of manufacturing girders in various sections very fast, which optimises production time. Cooperation with Tecnocom was really positive. We have found a brilliant partner, which has used its experience in constructing machines to supply us with a highly efficient production system. The good sense of this investment is confirmed by the large number of orders received and the positive feedback from customers.“ 


Quality, innovation and reliability are Tecnocom‘s fundamental values and once more they are the key to success and customer satisfaction for a company, which has employees, each one of whom contributes every day, with a strong sense of team spirit, to the growth of its business. 

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