Patented production method

With a patented production method, Lithonplus Steinmanufaktur invented the “L-Tec System Angle”, an industrially manufactured large L-shaped retaining wall element with impressive advantages: they are formwork-smooth all around, much easier to transport, lift and erect. It took five years to develop this new manufacturing method, which has successfully been implemented together with the machine specialists for the precast industry Tecnocom.

Over 100 years experience

Lithonplus, having over one hundered years of experience, produces and distributes a large range of high-quality concrete products for the layout of paths, squares, patios, drives and front gardens of houses. Their success is based on a distinct passion for concrete and a focus on high-quality products. Jürgen Rust, section manager for L-shaped retaining walls at Lithonplus: “For us, concrete means unlimited design freedom, a rich diversity due to an endless number of possible shapes and colours, as well as high-quality products produced on modern plants with the latest technology.”

Automated production method

For the innovative L-TEC System Angle the goal was to find an automated alternative to traditional manual production of L-shaped retaining walls. In addition, the universally usable L-shaped retaining walls had fair-faced concrete quality all around apart from the face on which they stand and do not exhibit any conicity. It showed impressive results: Lithonplus succeeded in realizing all goals plus easy and uncomplicated handling. The trick is the suspension point of the L-shaped element, which is placed at the center of gravity. Therefore the retaining wall balances itself automatically during handling, is easily lifted and transported. Setting down on the foundations is done quickly, since energy-sapping alignment and adjustment are largely avoided. The maximum fair-faced concrete quality class 4 is achieved all around for the application. The system impresses as visual highlight and is of interest for extended areas of us: e.g. as a wall divider that is visible on both sides. Flawless shaping formwork-related L-SHAPED RETAINING WALLS conicity is consigned to the past. L-Tec System Angles have a constant width over their entire height. L-shaped retaining walls placed alongside one another have the same joint width from top to bottom.

Suitable for various applications

Ideal for traffic areas L-TEC System Angles conform to the prescribed exposure class XF4, so they are suitable for applications where stress due to the use of de-icing chemicals can be expected. This standard ensures planning and implementation security for all environmental conditions.

Tecnocom as partner

Lithonplus chose Tecnocom in cooperation with EBAWE as partner for the development of a highly automated production system for their new product. In a special circulation plant by using special moulds different L-shaped retaining walls are produced with a length of 49 cm or 99 cm and heights between 55 cm and 305 cm without the conventional conicity of the elements. A seven-stage production process allowed manufacturing the new system angles with the highest level of automation. The concreting process takes place fully automatically with a fill-quantity monitor and a height-adjustable concrete distributor that can be adapted to the different heights of the moulds. Several walls are concreted simultaneously. The curing and removal of the finished parts from the manufacturing process are also automated. The high degree of automation enables the company to operate a multi-shift system alongside the two-shift system, resulting in a significant capacity increase with fewer staff and higher quality in comparison to traditional manufacturing methods.